Tips In Buying Auctioned Jewelry

auction diamond jewelry

When buying auctioned jewelry, there are several things you need to consider. Enlisted below are several tips that will help you buy auctioned pieces.

Attending Previews

When you really want to find good pieces, it should be a must for you to attend as many previews as you can find. Attending these previews gives you the chance to look into the many pieces that may be auctioned during the actual time. These previews will also give you a hint as to how much these may cost you.

Background Check

Also, you need to make a background check for all the different auctioneers you find. By doing so, you find out about the general flow of each auction. You find out how the auction takes place and how you can use this to your advantage.


You need to find out about the rules of the specific auction you want to attend. How do you propose a bid and how do you counter the different bids already made? Knowing the rules will give you an advantage so that you know which pieces to bid on and how much you should be willing to bid on specific pieces.


Before even making bids, you also need to make a list. List all the different pieces you might like. Look into the different actual market prices you find for these pieces so that you know how much each piece should cost during the bidding.

Maximum Bids

You should also be able to prepare a list of maximum bids for each item. You don’t really want to go overboard and so, making a list of maximum bids will help you control the actual bidding you go for.

Mistakes As Advantage

Look out for the different mistakes made by other bidders. You can easily make these mistakes help you win a specific bid especially when great concentration is made. Go for pieces that don’t seem too popular to other bidders and know the actual market selling price for each piece.


Make your own strategy. Know when you can make multiple biddings and know when you should not. Make sure that you know when to bid and when to stop.


You should be able to verify your wins. Make sure that the actual pieces you’ve won are the ones you’ve bid for.

Go Prepared

Bidding for a piece of jewelry you don’t understand is simply asking for trouble. If you intend to bid for a diamond jewelry like an old mine cut diamond or an old european cut diamond ring, make sure you know what to look out for. If you don’t, go do some research online or ask around.


Auctions can give you winning pieces of jewelry especially when you see to it that you know how to play the game. Know the rules and bid for items that aren’t too popular so that you get them for less than the actual market prices known.