Selling Your Jewelry to Us

sell jewelry

Before you try to sell your own jewelry, it is wise to have an accurate appraisal of its value done by an independent GIA certified appraiser.

Your local jewelry store or pawn shop may or may not tell you the full value. And the price originally paid for the piece may not be its value in today’s market.

Look in the Yellow Pages under “Jewelry, Appraisers”, and choose one that does not buy or sell jewelry, and is GIA certified. Their appraisal will not be influenced by greed.

You will get the most money from a private sale even if you reduce the price below its appraised value. Show it to friends, put an ad in the paper or list it on the Internet. A private buyer can pay close to retail as they do not have to hold the piece while they try and sell it at a profit.

Estate jewelry buyers will give you about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the appraised value or a bit more if they have a prospective buyer. They try to sell below the appraised value for a faster turnover. However, you get the money right away. Pawn shops will give less than that.

The important thing is to get an accurate value, and take it from there. We do offer a buying service as well if you decide to work with us and we can also broker deals to help you find a buyer.