Broker Services


EstateJewelryInternational is also a licensed jewelry broker and expert at negotiating better prices. We have extensive connections in the wholesale industry to get the best price on the jewelry you are seeking.

Before you purchase a piece of jewelry from another online seller, get a quote from us. In most cases we can beat the price you have been quoted. We offer BEST PRICES & personal service that you just can’t get from the major internet sellers.


We operate differently than the other internet sellers. We basically act as your personal buyer. Because of our extensive knowledge, and connections in the industry, in most cases we can negotiate a BETTER PRICE on any jewelry your are looking to buy.


Just email us the specifics on any vintage jewelry or diamonds you are looking at, from any seller on the web. In many cases we can offer you the EXACT SAME diamond, at a better price. Most internet sellers don’t own the diamonds they list, thus we have access to the same stones, direct from the true source.

For example, if you are looking at a stone the Internet Diamond Seller XXX is selling for $5000,most likely their cost is $4300 to $4500. Assuming the average seller’s mark-up, we can sell you a stone like this at around $4800 -A $200 SAVINGS. We do this by contacting the actual owner of the stone, and negotiating a better price.


Again, we don’t actually sell diamonds, we are simply negotiators. If you find you like our quote, we simply refer you over to one of the internet sellers we work with, and they will actually sell you the diamond.

This way, you are dealing with a well established, national company. You have all the buying security that goes with this. You can pay with any major credit card or bank wire transfer. Your order is sent via Fed Ex with insurance, and items are 100% refundable.

All aspects of the sale will be negotiated by us, and by the time you are ready to make the purchase, you will simply call the national internet diamond seller, and give your name, and they will be ready to proceed. We will have already negotiated the price, terms – everything. Keep in mind, you are under no obligation to proceed should you change your mind for any reason.


Just imagine, if you were buying a car. All the new car dealers had a specific make and model with a sticker price of $20,000. After shopping several dealers, the best price you could negotiate, is $18500. Then you call us. We negotiate the price down to$17,800, and the best part is, you still buy the car from the same car dealer.

You walk in the dealer, and everything is ready to go. The price is set, the terms are negotiated, you simply decide at that point if you still want to proceed. You do nothing, we do all the work, and you get the savings.


YOU PAY NOTHING. That’s right, nothing. Because of our large volume and buying power, we get a small commission from the seller. It will cost you nothing. All you do is reap the savings, and enjoy the personalized service that we provide.

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? Just email us for a quote. Remember, you are never under any obligation.